Privacy Policy

We don’t sell mailing lists, and won’t use your data for anything other than supporting our business relationship with you. Specifically:

  • Any personal information that you give to us will be treated as private and confidential and only be used in connection with the supply of our services.
  • Your details may be passed to, or accessed by, other service providers who have a proper interest in our services in relation to you. For example, as a new client we may submit your details to a credit rating agency, or we may use your details while negotiating with suppliers on your behalf. Otherwise your details will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent.
  • We may continue to hold your details on this basis, even when you are no longer a client or a recipient of our services, where the services that relate to you have been completed or ended.
  • We may delete records relating to you when we consider it appropriate to do so.