ACS Solutions is a supplier of IT services and software products to mid-sized and corporate businesses nationwide.

We specialise in the legal sector, but also work with professional services and government bodies.

“We seem to have enjoyed 100% uptime - can’t better that!”

Sara Dauncey - CFO, Hall for Cornwall

ACS Solutions created cutting edge technology solutions that dramatically improved our efficiency and reduced risk”

Jonathan Stokes - MD, Fasttrac Solicitors

“Always at the end of the phone and always have or find the solution! Fantastic.”

Adina Holmes - MD, A D Holmes & Co

“When we have had urgent issues they have gone far beyond what we would have expected in order to help.”

Marion Palmann - Pirie Palmann

ACS deliver first class professional IT solutions in an approachable no nonsense manner”

Murray Fraser - COO, Breezeplus Legal Solutions

“We are genuinely impressed with your skills”

Saj Haider - IT Manager, Mid-IT Ltd

“Technical excellence combined with really impressive lateral thinking mean that every problem we have thrown at ACS has been solved.”

Marion Palmann - Pirie Palmann

ACS Solutions is agile and its breadth of competencies ensures there is no compromise in attaining the best solution”

Jonathan Stokes - MD, Fasttrac Solicitors

“We will continue to work with ACS in the future, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses”

Murray Fraser - COO, Breezeplus Legal Solutions

“You have carried out the tasks set in a really professional and timely manner”

Sara Dauncey - CFO, Hall for Cornwall

“We may not understand what they do but we certainly understand the benefit of knowing someone who can do it!”

Marion Palmann - Pirie Palmann

“We now have significant improvement and confidence in the system”

Sara Dauncey - CFO, Hall for Cornwall

“Our customers are totally wowed by the product”

Murray Fraser - COO Breezeplus Legal Solutions

Corporate Software Development

All of our team members have worked in large corporate or government bodies so we understand the demands of corporate clients. The pressures that drive projects, the compliance requirements and reporting requirements are all familiar.

We produce leading-edge technology, but unlike some of our contemporaries, quality is not sacrificed in the “excitement of the new”. Solutions are built with enterprise-grade software architecture, tools and techniques and hardened using code reviews, modern cryptography and multiple layers of defence.

Secure Web Portals

Reach your customers the way they want

Our team creates modern JavaScript web applications with responsive mobile-friendly design.

Use our secure portal technology to send messages, documents and web forms to external users. All items are tracked with audit logging.

Simple web forms allow complex transactional data to be gathered, validated and returned back into the heart of your corporate systems.

Business Process Automation

Never send a person to do a machine’s job

Our workflow system is a proven reliable, scaleable and flexible platform for building mission-critical applications.

Clients are often amazed at the extent to which we can not only computerise process, but actually replace manual steps with software.

Improved quality, consistency and speed of processing are all worthwhile benefits. Accruing on-going savings through staff reduction or redeployment makes for a rapid ROI and thus a compelling business case.

Custom application development

Sometimes bespoke really is the best answer

The main drivers behind bespoke software development are that your business is in a new market, or you can gain competitive advantage by being an early adopter of a technology in your sector.

Whether it’s web, intranet, database or communications, ACS Solutions has the experience across the whole project life cycle to ensure delivery of a quality solution in a timely fashion.

Systems Integration

Extend your internal systems to clients, partners and providers

Many web agencies just walk away from complex integrations with existing systems, but that’s where the valuable corporate data is.

Our speciality is integrating web portals and external data feeds into your existing applications.

Business Process Automation

Our custom workflow engine enables us to automate business processes rapidly.

  1. Our implementation has proven scalability - over 4 million items for one customer
  2. All data is stored in SQL Server, safe and sound
  3. Workflows can involve both automated and interactive steps
  4. Automated exception reporting ensures no item is lost
  5. Outcomes include improvements in efficiency, consistency, quality and cost
SecureReach Web Portal

The SecureReach portal provides the perfect mix of:

  1. A beautiful, clean, secure, mobile-friendly modern web portal
  2. Multiple independent layers of security to prevent hackers
  3. Deep integration into your case management system
  4. At-a-glance case status and milestones
  5. Outbound messaging from your systems with PDF conversion
  6. Inbound messaging from end-users to your CMS with virus protection
  7. Multi-page web forms to gather and validate input and deliver it into your CMS

Find out more about SecureReach

TitleExpert - Land Registry Integration

Our TitleExpert product combines:

  1. Internet connectivity to the Land Registry to fetch official copies of titles
  2. Deep analysis of the title data, automatically finding and reporting on potential issues
  3. Customisable checks, for example you can specify the minimum acceptable remaining period on a leasehold property
  4. Database Alignment – if your system already holds data about a title then results show any differences
  5. Sophisticated matching methods to minimise false-positives

Find out more about TitleExpert

Third Party Integration

Talk to us about your project, we can probably help.

Integration with Web Services

  1. Connect to existing Internet services (SOAP or REST), examples include:
    • Postcode search
    • Identity/Anti-money-laundering checks
    • Joining lender or estate agent panels
  2. Create and Publish your data or services securely on the Internet, examples include
    • Distributing work out to a panel
    • Provide a channel for inbound bulk work such as debt, wills, or transfer-up to high court

Case Management System (CMS) Integrations

Extend your internal systems - as long as your CMS is programmable and we have the support of your CMS supplier, we can help you move beyond its constraints.

We currently have relationships with LexisNexis for Visualfiles and Solcase, and with BT Tikit for Partner for Windows.


We offer consultancy to business clients in areas where we have in-house skills at a high level. We can complement or support your internal teams.

Our Microsoft Partner Program membership opens an escalation path for customer issues providing an additional level of assurance.

Microsoft SQL Server Databases

We can provide a package appropriate to your business to cover any of

  • Health Checks
  • Maintenance Automation
  • Migrations
  • Performance Tuning
  • Hardware selection
  • DBA Training
  • Developer support
  • Database design
Upgrades and Migrations

Whether it’s a hardware upgrade, OS upgrade, or cloud migration, our experience as corporate windows systems administrators means we understand your need to progress while providing as much mitigation of risk as possible. Right-sized project management matches the task ahead, but we always consider:

  • requirements capture
  • user impact and training
  • execution planning
  • roll-back planning with hard deadlines
  • user-acceptance testing
  • documentation.

The one truism of this kind of work is that it’s going to be harder than you think. Where we excel is that all of our staff have software development experience, so we understand all the moving parts of complex line-of-business applications:
databases, SQL, middle-tier components, web front-ends, clusters, SANs, integrated security, SPNs, ODBC, OLEDB, DNS, COM+ applications, IIS, DCOM permissions, .NET, web.config, SharePoint

Office 365 Rollouts and Migrations

Many small and medium-sized organisations have aging Windows servers, often from the Small Business Server line, and have issues with performance, reliability, spam and so on. We’ll take you down our standard migration path to Office 365 and new virtualised on-premises server running Windows Server 2012 R2. For small business this will be the Essentials Edition and for mid-market the Standard Edition with Azure Active Directory Synchronisation.


Local and Wide-Area network design and implementation, with an emphasis on security, availability and performance.

  • Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)
  • Failover routing with multiple Internet conections
  • Business-grade WiFi implementations
  • Wireless links between buildings
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The Team

We’re career IT professionals and developers, each with a minimum of ten years in computing. Our “greybeard” Chris retired recently after a life of programming, but we still call on him occasionally for consultancy. Small teams are great for minimising overheads and we work well together, getting stuff done right and on time. There is an accumulated wealth of experience here in designing, developing, delivering and maintaining software solutions for businesses, and we’re proud of what we create.


I am the founder, MD and technical lead for the company. I have worked in software development, databases, systems and networking since leaving university. I always keep up to date with the latest trends and exploit the best of new technology while avoiding the bleeding-edge. My big-picture view coupled with good communication skills enables me to bridge the gap between business leaders and IT.

Key Skills: Consulting, Requirements Analysis, Solution Design, Technical Architecture, Cloud

Development: SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, SOAP/XML, REST/JSON, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, ReactJS

Systems: SQL Server, Windows Server, Hyper-V, Exchange Server, Office 365, Azure, SANs, Dell Servers

Networking: TCP/IP, DNS, Routing, Firewall, VLAN, VPN, Ubiquiti Wireless, Mikrotik routers and HP Switches


I live in and for computers. My deep understanding of network protocols, operating systems, and software development enables me to work in the most complex technical areas, and to be highly task-focused and productive. I mostly work in development these days but I still provide IT support for some of our clients.

Key Skills: Middle-tier and front-end web development, IT support

Systems: Linux, Azure, Cloud, Windows Server, Hyper-V, Dell, Ubiquiti wireless, Mikrotik routers

Development: C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, SQL Server, git

Networking: TCP/IP, DNS, Routing, Firewall, VLAN, VPN, Wireless, VoIP etc


I have been developing software since the days of the PDP/11, but I now favour C#. I enjoy building business process automation applications, web middle-tier and Internet API services and clients. I am a completer-finisher: meticulously thorough and dogged in my approach. I enjoy abstraction and structure moderated by pragmatism, ensuring my software is extensible, reliable and delivered on time.

Key skills: Requirements capture, software development, project management

Development: C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery



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